Line Extension
Southeast Rail Line Extension - Now Open!

The Southeast Rail Line opened in 2006 as a 19-mile extension of rail from I-25 & Broadway, with 15 miles along I-25 to Lincoln and an additional 4 miles along I-225 to Parker Road. This extension adds an additional 2.3 miles of rail and three new stations bringing revenue service south into Lone Tree.


New Rail in New Neighborhoods

The Southeast Rail Extension brings light rail into Lone Tree, with three new stations and an additional 1,300 parking spaces. Project design and construction began in 2016, and the line opened for service on May 17, 2019.


  • Lincoln Station


    • Address: 10203 Station Way, Lone Tree
    • Location: south of I-25 and 470
    • Parking spaces: 1,734
    • Bike racks: 8
    • Bike lockers 16
    • Rail lines: E, F, R
  • Proposed future Sky Ridge Station location

    Sky Ridge

    • Address: 9941 Trainstation Circle, Lone Tree
    • Location: I-25 and Lincoln Avenue
    • Parking spaces: 0
    • Bike racks: 10
    • Bike lockers 0
    • Rail lines: E, F, R
  • Proposed future Lone Tree City Center Station location

    Lone Tree City Center

    • Address: 11023 RidgeGate Parkway, Lone Tree
    • Parking spaces: 0
    • Bike racks: 0
    • Bike lockers 0
    • Rail lines: E, F, R
  • Proposed future RidgeGate Parkway Station location

    RidgeGate Parkway Station

    • Address: 10791 S. Havana Street, Lone Tree
    • Parking spaces: 1,300
    • Bike racks: 8
    • Bike lockers 0
    • Rail lines: E, F, R



Final Environmental Evaluation, initiated in 2008, and 30% basic engineering completed
Project team began an Environmental Assessment (EA) to pursue federal funding
Work on advanced basic engineering and coordination of the project scope with stakeholders. Small Starts application process proceeds through the grant development and engineering phases.
The FTA signed the Finding of No Significant Impact, which concludes the EA undertaken to fulfill the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act, a requirement for eligibility for federal funding
Project becomes part of President Obama's 2016 budget. RTD Board of Directors approves a $140 million two-phased contract award to Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Inc. (BBII) to design and build the Southeast Rail Extension.
Budget and funding grant signed, with Notice to Proceed 2 (NTP2). Construction begins on May 16, 2016.
Project reached 50 percent completion milestone in May 2017. By end of 2017, all Right of Way was acquired, the three bridges for the project were nearly complete, platforms had been poured at all three stations, all three Traction Power Substations were installed and substantial progress was made on the RidgeGate parking structure.
Existing light rail service was successfully tied together with the 2.3-mile extension of the E, F and R lines south of Lincoln Station in March 2018. Project entered “integrated testing” phase in November 2018 to examine all components of the rail system and correct any issues. Project reached substantial completion of construction, including bridges, stations, track and utilities, in December 2018. By end of 2018, lines were energized and test trains began running to verify the line is safe and working properly.
Integrated testing of trains and signal systems continues into 2019. Next, the pre-revenue testing phase, which simulates passenger service, will begin. The project remains on pace to open for revenue service in the second quarter of 2019.